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Women's Health

This page contains information about private sessions and group classes. 

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Holistic Widwifery - Natural Birth

Sophia Ortiz

Holistic Midwifery offers midwifery care throughout pregnancy, in labor and postnatally, for breastfeeding and early parenting, for all women to have the healthiest and most fulfilling birth experience.

Private Sessions

Aquagenesis: Pregnancy & Natural Birth

Sophia Michalopoulou

The ways you choose to prepare for your pregnancy and birth will create ripple effects that continue for the rest of your, your babies, your family's and our collective lives on this beautiful blue planet Earth.

Private Sessions

Female Energy Balancing - Womb Healing


A gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence given by a trained Moon Mother who focuses the Divine Feminine energy in a series of hand positions on the three main female energy centres and on specific energy points.

Group Sessions
Private Sessions

Postnatal Massage / Birth Integration


Postnatal massage for mothers from 2 weeks after birth as a reintegration of the body and as part of the healing integration process of the birth for the newborn mother or after a miscarriage, abortion or loss of the dream of motherhood.

Private Sessions
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