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Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga

Frida Lezius
Private Sessions
Weekly Classes
Mon & Thu 6pm
Casa Lucia

“It is about the quality of the contact with yourself that I am interested in.”

My teaching style is based on Iyengar, Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga.

Posture, meditation, breath, Mudras, visualisation and Mantras are all part of my teaching.

My knowledge of the human body and mind and playful creativity make up my teaching style.

I find it important to blend fun and depth in order to create a rounded experience.


- Activate your muscles and get strong

- Gain Flexibility


Awakening serpent energy! Radiance is achieved by creating a powerfully flowing spine.

Kundalini, as part of the Yoga system is the art of mastering your energy.

Through specific movement techniques (krias) you cleanse your body and nervous system of stress, through ancient gestures (mudras) and mantras you learn to direct your energy.

Through hatha yoga postures in nicely flowing sequences we will then use the energy to strengthen and align the body.

Kundalini energy (Serpent energy) is the key to feeling radiant and youthful in body and mind.

The first part of the class will awaken and purify the nervous system.

The second half will allow you to move harmoniously into yoga postures, strengthening and aligning your body.

The deep relaxation at the end will leave you relaxed and clear.

The classes can be attended at any level of experience.

Find Peace by developing Mindfulness, Breath and Meditation


May 29 - July 31

Mnday 6.00pm - 7.15pm

Thursday 6.00pm - 7.15pm


Kundalini Yoga Workshop

“More Radiance”

July 1, 10 am-12pm

Attendance Options:

Full Course (including 18 classes and special Kundalini workshop)

256 EU

Casual Class

15 EU

Workshop only 49 EU

Location : Cassa Lucia, Sgombou

Personalised Yoga & Developing a personal Yoga practice

Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object and sustain that direction without any distractions (Yoga Sutra, Patanjali 1.2). Find your own way into a yoga practice tailored to your daily needs. Enjoy the freedom to roll out your mat and know what to do.

We can develop your sequence which will depend on your immediate needs, your long-term goals and what activities will follow your practice. You will learn progressively to tune into your daily needs and fulfill them. Benefits are: Stress relief, gaining focus, multiplying your energy and a general sense of well-being.

“Already 10 minutes a day can change your life!”

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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