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Singing, Voice Coaching, Sound-Massage

Igor Ezendam
Private Sessions
Fridays 6:30- 8pm

FEELING SOUND By studying the art of sound and communication, how we use, choose and feel our sounds, thoughts and words, we create better relationships with ourselves and other beings.

Dutch born singer and multi instrumentalist Igor Ezendam is an acknowledged performer and teacher of overtone singing or ‘vocal harmonics’. He is inspired by shamanic chanting styles, Blues and Soul music, Tibetan undertones and Sufi mantras, as well as Australian African and Indian vocal traditions.

Igor offers Vocal Liberation and Overtone Singing seminars, weekly group sessions as well as individual Voice Coaching and Soundmassage sessions.

His sound research into the use of the voice as a therapeutic instrument and a source of self discovery has developed into an effective set of tools for personal transformation.

Individual Sessions VOICE COACHING Individual sessions with Igor help remembering how to relax, without judgement, allowing full vital and vocal potential to be expressed. In these sessions you can let go with a loving guide in a safe space. Learn vocal harmonics, deepen vocal work already begun or overcome old traumas and fears related to expression. Discover your belly power, full breath and body balance, no mind. No need of experience, just courage!

SOUNDMASSAGE Igor’s Soundmassage is a very effective method for deep relaxation using the sound of the voice and didgeridoo. Applying vocal harmonics directly onto the body has surprisingly releasing effects on the energy body. The deep sounds and vibrations of the didgeridoo, ancient ritual instrument of the Australian Aborigines, gently massage the tissues of the body, helping to release tension, giving the person a great sense of well-being.

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