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The Movement Gathering

~ A Dance, Yoga & Meditation Retreat

21 - 27 May 2023

Corfu Buddha Hall

We are delighted to welcome you to "The Movement Gathering" a dynamic dance & yoga micro festival in Greece from 15-21 May 2022. Essentially kick starting the retreat season in Corfu, we will come together in mid May to wash off the winter blues and fully awaken our Spring bodies with some ecstatic embodiment practices. By connecting to and celebrating the body & spirit through dance, yoga & conscious movement-based activities, we will seek to reach high states of body bliss.

Finding Your Flow State We have experienced that a balance of Movement & Stillness enhances body awareness, and to express & channel physical energy can have a profound effect on our ability to discover inner silence. Thus, we created this gathering to MOVE the body, breath & energy so we can celebrate our journey into being. ​With The Movement Gathering, our vision is to inspire, connect, play and celebrate life. This is an invitation to sink into your body, breathe deeply and feel fully. It is where you can welcome the sunrise with sun salutations and dance away with the sunset. It is a playground for laughter, tears, expression, healing & release.

Based on our popular "Sound & Silence: MOVE" gatherings, this evolution of our movement journey focuses on the creative process, calling together highly trained group facilitators and performers who will guide us towards finding our own natural rhythms. A variety of Yoga classes to start every day, followed by Biodanza, Tribal Dance Fusion, Movement Medicine, Embodied Dance and several more dance modalities. At night, we will enjoy a mix of DJ's and live music offering Ecstatic Dance, Trance Dance Ritual, Shiva Shakti Dance and more.

This retreat is also designed to be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, using sound healing, yoga, movement and meditation to bring about deep peace and healing. We will also have an experienced team of session givers to offer a wide variety of bodywork, therapy and private readings. Not to mention the famously delicious and healthy food from the Buddha Hall kitchen served twice daily.

More of a holiday retreat than a festival, we will spend our mornings and evenings experiencing the joys of inspiring workshops and delightful activities, while our entire afternoons are free to enjoy a massage, a swim in Corfu's soothing seas, or a simple siesta. Dinners are recommended along one of Arillas' many seaside restaurants and cafés.

Our home for the week is the Corfu Buddha Hall, one of Europe's premier retreat centers. Spacious and sitting on a mountain top blanketed with olive and cypress trees, the Buddha Hall offers not only incredible views, but a rare combination of excellent group spaces. One of the only retreat centers in the world that boasts a large air-conditioned indoor space, as well as a sizeable outdoor music venue. You can be sure that we will make a lot of magic in both of them. This place is exquisite!

And all of this happens in Arillas, one of the worlds fastest growing spirit centers and hottest wellness destinations. It will not take long for you to see why, the place is magnetic and the energy there is simply wonderful to bask in. Side note - while the Buddha Hall easily fits 200+ people, we are limiting our group size to 60-70 people, so less than 50% capacity, so that we maintain intimacy while also giving space to those who need it.

For more information on the schedule and bookings:

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