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Nature Nurture Me | Somatic Yoga Retreat with Laila Sell

9 - 16 July 2022

Alexis Zorbas Center

This summer join us on the green, enchanting and mystical island of Corfu for a nurturing and joyful nature immersion, with plenty of Yoga, Qi gong, Somatics and more surprises. The days will start with a 20 min meditative walk through the woods towards a secret old olive grove that is nesting the beautiful shaded wooden deck for the morning practices. The walks will support a feeling of grounding and already bring you deeper into the body home and breathe. In that wonderful setting so close to nature you will enjoy being guided into embodiment journeys through feel-good movement and drop into stillness to remember more of your own inner nature.

A retreat dedicated to re-awakening, vitalising and deeply relax while being surrounded by the sweet songs of the crickets, held by the soft and warm morning breeze and feeling sun rays flickering through the leaves. Opening up to natural environments during the yoga is a very special and inspiring experience in itself. All your senses can fully receive the wisdom, beauty and harmony of the plants, trees and flower meadows around you. Being outside helps to expand the vision, give new perspectives and offers a sense of inner spaciousness, freedom and belonging to the earth.


Laila Sell

Somatic Yoga Retreats & Teacher Training

During her yoga retreats Laila takes her students on a journey to reconnect to themselves more fully. To feel, sense and connect to the body, breath and mind. Her classes are process-oriented, looking for a quality of movement that enhances awareness and freedom.

It is an invitation to explore and experience new ways of moving, breathing and being — finding a harmonious flow between the Ying & Yang.

Laila spent 8 years of her life living in India, where she developed her teaching skills during 4 years in the Iyengar Yoga tradition under the guidance of an Indian Master. She continued her studies in different forms of Yoga with teachers of various backgrounds including Yin, Restorative, Scaravelli – inspired Yoga, Yoga Synergy, Calligraphy Yoga and Vipassana meditation. She is also a somatic movement coach, knowledgeable in various healing techniques as well as being a trained dancer. Laila has been teaching yoga since 2006, dividing her time between India, Morocco, Malta, France, Germany, UK and Italy. She loves to share tools that effectively release tensions from the nervous system and reset the brain, muscles and cellular memory to be more relaxed and open. This in turn brings greater energy, vitality and hormonal balance by improving circulation, digestion and sleep patterns.

Laila places a strong emphasis on rejuvenating poses & restorative yoga that recharges the inner batteries and help to achieve emotional balance. Her flow classes are slow, deep and graceful. It’s a unique combination of traditional Hata yoga postures and ancient Shaolin Martial art techniques that bring a particular fluidity and ease to the practice. Creating within the movement a “no mind” state of presence that is meditative, energy building and providing a sense of deep peace and happiness.


Arillas is a small village located on the North West coast of the island of Corfu, about 40 km from Corfu town and airport. Around here you can find the most beautiful beaches on the island. They can be accessed within 15 min walking distance from the venue. Waters are crystal clear and so inviting for a refreshing swim. Along this coast you’ll also find dramatic cliffs and various stunning bays to walk and explore, plenty of places to be in silence with the abundant olive groves and a totally stunning sunsets spectacle every evening. During the summer months Arillas comes alive with a truly vibrant and lively creative community of people living here with plenty of fabulous concerts and all sorts of interesting events happening. On the sea front you will find a large variety of options for meals from the typical Greek tavernas, healthy juice bars all the way to hype fusion cuisine. The atmosphere is easy going, friendly and relaxing…. The perfect place to recharge and nourish heart, body and soul.

Accomodation and Meals

Alexis Zorbas is a retreat venue that has been established in Arillas since many years. Here the guests are welcomed by the friendly team in various cosy holiday apartments with kitchenette, shared bathroom and two double rooms. Most rooms have their own ocean view. For those who prefers more privacy, single occupancy is also available. Please inquire for availability.

The meals will be enjoyed at the beautiful Sunset Bar with a gorgeous buffet style breakfast and lunch in the garden with magnificent views over Arillas Bay. The meals are vegetarian and are adaptable to special diets.


7:15 silent walk

7:30 – 9:00 morning Yoga

9:30 – 10:30 Breakfast buffet

10:30 – 11:30 free time

11:30 – 13:00 workshops, sharing circles, guest teachers and music

13:30 – 14:30 lunch

Afternoons mostly free


Enjoy plenty of free time, soaking up precious sun light and experiencing the magic of Corfu Island. After the morning’s classes, workshops and nourishing healthy food you will have the entire afternoon to follow your own flow, explore and relax. Hang out on the beach without having to be back at any given time, swim, get a massage treatments or just relaxing with a book somewhere peaceful. The sun set time in Arillas is absolutely magical on the beach so this where you may choose to be. There will be a couple of beach gatherings during the week to be announced during the week. Dinner is free to choose from the large restaurants available.

Venue: Alexis Zorbas Center, Arillas


Yoga retreat workshop tuition: 450€

Accommodation and half board at the Alexis Zorbas Center: 585€ shared and 685€ in a single room *

* Prices include breakfast and a three-course-buffet for lunch.

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