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Music & Sound Healing
Upcoming Events - 

Music & Sound Healing - Upcoming Events - 

Vocal Healing Workshop

17 - 20 May 2023

Are you ready for a positive change in your life? You already have the power within you. Yes, it lies hidden in your unique voice.
This is a Vocal Healing Circle workshop offered by the infamous American jazz singer Joecelyn B. Smith.

Music & Sound Healing - Upcoming Events - 


18 - 24 June 2023

Join us the under the shade of ancient olive trees, overlooking the azure blue waters of the Ionian sea.
A gathering for creators & connectors seeking the magical combination of inspiration, stimulation & restoration. This event will fill you up to overflowing and more.

Music & Sound Healing - Upcoming Events - 

The Musical Gathering

16 - 22 July 2023

Essentially a profound week-long sound healing journey, The Musical Gathering is a unique and elegant retreat that taps into the healing power of music and meditation. This one of a kind odyssey takes us on a quest to discover the potent medicinal qualities of music.

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